Fantasy stories & teachings for dreamers looking for the deeper meaning of life. 

I'm Alysia and I'm a Fiction Author and Story Guide. I explore life, meaning, and magic through novel writing. Specifically, inspirational and magic-filled stories through rewriting my own life stories through a fictional lens.
How did I get into this line of work, you ask?

Interested in writing your own novel?

I wrote a book to guide you!

Instead of talking about all the things you “should” do to write your novel, or “how-to” write your novel, Internal Journey of a Writer explores just that—the inner journey one must take if they want to find true wealth and success as an author.

What does this look like? It’s a deeply spiritual journey that takes you within where you will discover the limitations you place on yourself—not only as a writer, but as a human-being—and how to break free from those limitations so that you can begin to see yourself as the author you want to be, RIGHT NOW. 

Transformational Business Growth &
Book Writing 

If you're open to being different in how you run a business, rewriting your story through a fictional lens while writing the first draft of your book (a.k.a. novel), is for you.

You will explore what it means to live from the internal journey, rather than the external journey, while healing your stories through writing your book. 

If you've tried everything to get your business going, but still have yet to make it "work", then this program is also for you. 

You will get access to one of the most transformational business growth programs out there, and I will be with you to help you stay centered in your truth.

For 12 months, I will help you to write the first draft of your book (novel) and guide you on the path to creating a business that comes within. 

Apply for a FREE 30-minute call so we can discuss if this path is aligned with you and your dreams.

Looking for magic in your life?

Listen to the Belgariad & Beyond Podcast

I co-host this podcast with my good friend and fellow fiction writer, Sondra Turnbull. It's full of fun, magic, and deep exploration of how fictional storytelling can guide us in our own lives.

In this podcast, we deep into the stories written by David Eddings, starting with The Belgariad series of books!

It is impossible for us to stay on the surface, so expect a deep dive into the juicy stuff! Read along with us, spoiler-free, as Alysia discovers the stories for the first time, and Sondra, a twenty-year veteran of the tales, enjoys the ride.

We are both all about the magic & how to make it real!

Want to get behind the scenes of my writing journey?

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